Monday, January 30, 2006

We're Back, Baby!

JIB Awards

(Like Gil, I am pretending that "because the main competition has been campaigning heavily for votes", I am asking you to vote, even though the truth is that I simply want to boost my ego and win at all costs!)

It seems These Guys Are No GH! made it through the first round of voting in all eleven (Gil only has three. LOL!) categories in which we were nominated.

Please feel free to vote (once every three days) and figure out how to vote much more often:

Bestest Overall Blog

Really Best Overall Blog

Seriously, the Best Overall Blog

Best Joowish Relijun Blog

Best Spelling On a Blog

Only Jewish Blog Worth Reading (except for Jewish Worker, Jameel, GH, Ben Chorin, and some others like EZ )

Best Screenplay

Only Blog that Steve Brizel hasn't visited

Handsomest Blogger (GHassid)

Almost the Best Series (The Gay Thing)

The Best Ever Series (The second part of the Gay Thing)