Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wake Up Leftists!

The New York Times has an editorial in today's paper that just oozes praise and admiration for Ariel Sharon, Israel's new "Centrist". At the same time, the piece paints the Likud and Likud loyalists as practical terrorists, hell-bent on destroying any opportunity for peace that comes Israel's way.

Since when did being "right-wing" make one an enemy of peace? Since when did concern for the security of a nation and safety of its children turn one into a warmonger?

When is Sharon and all the other leftists finally going to realize that in the world's eyes, the more Israel gives away and the more it endangers its security and the more it jeopardizes its future, the more it will be loved in the world? The world never showed an Israeli leader so much respect like they did at the UN after Sharon's Gaza expulsion. When Sharon cedes the West Bank, and then half of Jerusalem the world will show him even more respect while snickering behind his back and wondering amongst themselves why they didn't realize much earlier that he was such a sucker. If Sharon agrees to fork over the entire country, I promise you, they will rename the UN General Assembly after him.

Wake up morons on the Left.


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