Tuesday, November 22, 2005

To Tuck or Not to Tuck

Gil has a post discussing tucking in Tzitzis.

Interesting post, but the real issue is as follows:


Jerry: Coming.

George walks to the door wearing a shower cap.

Lupe: Hello. I have more towels.

George: Oh good, good, come in. Come in, welcome. I'm George. And this is
Jerry, over there, on the phone, that's Jerry. And you are, um?

Lupe: Lupe.

George: Lupe. That's very nice, very nice. Listen, are you going to be making
up the bed in the morning?

Lupe: Yes.

George: Fine. Excellent. Could you do me a favor? Could you not tuck the
blankets in? 'Cause I can't sleep all tucked in.

Lupe: Oh, yes, yes.

George: Yes, I like to just be able to take the blankets and swish them and
swirl them, you know what I mean? You know, I don't like being all tucked in.
I like to have a lot of room, you know I like to have my toes pointed up in the
air. Just like to scrunch up the blankets.

Lupe: Yes, yes. It's too tight to sleep.

George: Exactly, you know what I'm talking about, right?

Lupe: It's too tight. (Gesturing towards Jerry) Him too?

George: Uh, Jerry, you want your blankets tucked in?

Jerry: Excuse me, what?

George: You want your blankets tucked in?

Jerry: What blankets?

George: When Lupe makes up the beds in the morning.

Jerry: I don't know, whatever they do.

Lupe: I tuck in? Yes?

Jerry: Tuck in, tuck in.

George: Alright, so that's one tuck and one no-tuck.

Lupe: Okay.

George: Yeah. One second sweetheart. Jerry, I really think it'd be easier if
you didn't tuck.

Jerry: Excuse me, fine, you don't want me to tuck, put me down for a no-tuck.

George (to Lupe): Two no-tucks.

Jerry: Uh, hang on a second, You know what? Changed my mind, make it a tuck.

George: You just said you weren't tucking.

Jerry: I'm tucking! Hello? Hello? They hung up on me. They don't know where
Kramer is anyway.

George: Alrighty, so. That's one tuck and one no-tuck. Got that?*

Jerry: Excuse me, um, did you see a piece of paper on the nightstand here
earlier today crumpled up like a napkin?

Lupe: Oh, yes, yes. I throw away when we clean the room.

Jerry: Oh, okay, thanks.

Lupe: Thank you.

George: Thank you.

Lupe: Bye-bye.

George: Alright, Lupe, bye-bye now.

Lupe: Bye.

George: Bye-bye.

Lupe exits.

* For the record, I like my blankets untucked.


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