Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Gadol Remembered

As I, like many Hasidim of the Gadol worldwide rended their keyboards (the G and H keys are removed for the seven days of mourning referred to as Shiva) and sat low up against the CPU tower under my desk ( this initially engendered quizzical looks from co workers, but when explained as a religious custom akin to leaving early on Friday was actually encouraged ) I contemplated a future without our leader. So strong. So inspiring. So honest. All qualities I admire and hope to incorporate into my life. It's what he would have wanted. To be a link in the mesorah is an awesome task and he taught us how that doesn't mean accepting any and all information just because it came from someone who received semicha from Verizon. There is work to do. Things need to be changed. Many of the goals of Orthodox Judaism have been overshadowed by mindless ritual and dogma. The Gadol stood for taking back Orthodoxy. To live up to the ideal of being an Am Hanivchar and an Ohr Lagoyim. We must continue his work in his memory. To this end we will search for a suitable replacement. Despite the fact that the Gadol did so much good, we will avoid the temptation to declare him the Moshiach, post silly billboards on major highways and hold fake ceremonies as if his ghost is in the building. He's gone. We will accept our loss and search for a new leader. Join us in this important quest.


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At 12:03 PM, Blogger The Gabbai said... that the real you?

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Nu? So where's the teuda?


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